Making your Ceremonies Memorable

Love Your Way.

Personalized Ceremonies and Rites of Passage for Everyone.

Interfaith Ministry

Interfaith/Interspiritual ministry seeks to find common ground between faith traditions and secular values. It places people above dogma or doctrine.  We emphasize the universality of the religious experience while honoring the uniqueness of each path, seeking to learn from others while respecting their practices. My approach to interfaith/interspiritual ministry seeks to facilitate the understanding of the fundamental unity of all by  creating sacred space for people to connect to spirit, their own divinity, and to each other. 

Customized Weddings

Crafting ceremonies that fit you and your partner(s), celebrating the love that is unique to you.

Funeral Ceremonies

Creating authentic ceremonies that honor the deceased and comfort the living.

Rites of

Marking the transitions, milestones,  & most important moments in your life’s journey.

Officiant Coaching

Supporting the special people in your life so they can facilitate your special moments with confidence.

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We are all children of the cosmos
Shimmering with the light of stars. 
We must always remember
We’re in this together and act out of love.
We breathe as one;
A perfect divine whole.